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210 300 2312 / 694 88 26 215 info @ greentexgroup . com

We Collect

We have our own textile collections in cooperation with partner companies and charities throughout Europe. We help charitable organizations funded by converting the textile donations to financial donations. This way we provide them the chance to dedicate their efforts so they can accomplish their objectives successfully. We fully monitor all our supplying chain from the collection points to sorting facility in all phases. Thus, we have full control and high efficiency, which leads to best results.

We Sort

Our experienced sorters, sort over 150 products, according to product category, gender, season, quality etc, leading to a very rich product list with a variety of products which covers sufficiently all our client’s needs. Production is focused on quality and not quantity. Modern equipment and sophisticated software, monitor the sorting process in all phases of the production line, ensuring the best quality results and cost effective production.
The final products of the sorting process are re-wearable clothes, shoes and household textiles, wiping clothes and recycling material.

We Export

We export to most African, Asian  and eastern Europe countries. We can pack products and load containers according to customer’s needs (pressed bales, transparent bags, folded, unfolded etc). GreenTEX